friendly and customizable logger for nodejs
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friendly and customizable logging for node.js

const tomodachi = require('tomodachi');
const tty = tomodachi();



this module is available in the npm repository.

you can install the module with either of the following commands, depending on which package manager you use:

yarn add tomodachi

npm install tomodachi


configuration can be done in one of 2 places: in a .tomorc file, or in the arguments of the initial tomodachi function.

if both are set, the argument configuration will take priority.


moment.js format string for timestamps

default: HH:mm:ss

timestamp.(rgb || hex)

the colour to use for timestamps

default: timestamp.hex = '#333333'; (equal to timestamp.rgb = [51,51,51];)


an array of event objects to use for logging

event object can have the following properties:

the name of the event. will be used for the prefix in logged messages.

event.(rgb || hex)

the colour to use for this event's prefix.


flag signifying this event is the default one


*examples are given using default settings.

tomodachi.log(string, event)

logs the given string to the console with given event's settings

the string logged will be in this format:

[timestamp] [event name]: [string to log]

tomodachi.(fg | bg).(rgb | hex)

returns a terminal-coloured string with escape codes

const blue = tomodachi.fg.rgb([0, 0, 255]); // or .hex('#0000ff');

blue('hi!'); // returns \x1b[38;2;0;0;255mhi!\x1b[39m


this program is licensed GPL-3.0-or-later

please click here or view the ./LICENSE file in this repository for more information